The Solutrean-Clovis connection: reply to Straus, Meltzer and Goebel

  title={The Solutrean-Clovis connection: reply to Straus, Meltzer and Goebel},
  author={B. A. Bradley and D. Stanford},
  journal={World Archaeology},
  pages={704 - 714}
  • B. A. Bradley, D. Stanford
  • Published 2006
  • History
  • World Archaeology
  • In the abstract of their rebuttal article in this journal Straus, Meltzer and Goebel conclude that: 'The origin and arrival time of the first Americans remain uncertain, but not so uncertain that we need to look elsewhere than northeast Asia' (2005, 37(4)). This is an amazing statement of closed mindedness. Even so, their very entry into this debate is a positive development over what has been a static subject for so long. This reply to Straus et al. is not intended to be all encompassing, but… CONTINUE READING
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