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The Softmax Nonlinearity: Derivation Using Statistical Mechanics and Useful Properties as a Multiterminal Analog Circuit Element

  title={The Softmax Nonlinearity: Derivation Using Statistical Mechanics and Useful Properties as a Multiterminal Analog Circuit Element},
  author={I. Elfadel and J. Wyatt},
We use mean-field theory methods from Statistical Mechanics to derive the "softmax" nonlinearity from the discontinuous winner-take-all (WTA) mapping. We give two simple ways of implementing "softmax" as a multiterminal network element. One of these has a number of important network-theoretic properties. It is a reciprocal, passive, incrementally passive, nonlinear, resistive multiterminal element with a content function having the form of information-theoretic entropy. These properties should… Expand
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