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The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research

  title={The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research},
  author={Amy S. Wharton},
  • A. Wharton
  • Published 9 August 2004
  • Sociology, Economics
Introduction To The Sociology Of Gender:.Introduction.Sociological Vantage Points.A Brief History Of The Sociological Study Of Gender.What Is Gender?.A Working Definition Of Gender.Three Frameworks For Understanding Gender.Gender Matters.Who's To Blame: Understanding Gender Inequality.Chapter Summary.For Further Reading.A Close Look."What's In A Name?" Harbour Fraser Hodder.Part I: Conceptual Approaches:.2. The Gendered Person:.Chapter Objectives.Sex And Gender.Sex And Sex Category.The Gendered… 
On the colonial legacy and (re)nationalization of gender
At first glance, the relevance of historical sociology for gender sociology is evident; the temporal and spatial confinement of gender relations is a basic gender-theoretical concern (Fraisse 1995).
Editorial: Gender Perspective in Social Research: Chosen Problems, Aspects, and Contexts
This volume Society and Gender: Contemporary Issues and Research Perspectives, is a reflection of dynamically developing gender studies in the Polish social sciences. The first part of the
Gender essentialism : a conceptual and empirical exploration of notions of maternal essence as a framework for explaining gender difference.
The study sought to explore gender essentialism conceptually and empirically, and to specifically examine the concept of maternal essence as a framework for explaining gender difference. Gender,
Mediated Communication and Commoditization of the Female Gender: Discourse Analysis Indian News Magazines
This paper explores gender representation in three English news magazines from India and the social discourse thereby generated. It endeavors a discourse analysis by deconstructing the narrative
Women’s work is never done: a sociological exploration of gender into the household division of labour and mothering roles and its contemporary implications for women in performing the “second shift”
This thesis will examine why women are still expected to perform the “second shift” of both housework and childcare within contemporary society. To discuss this, an exploration of gender and feminist
Women in science: The persistence of traditional gender roles. A case study on work–life interface
The underrepresentation of women in academe has been the focus of both academic literature and European policy-makers. However, albeit the number of female scientists has increased, true gender
Growing Up Trans: Socialization and the Gender Binary
Mainstream social constructions of gender tend to demand conformity by adhering to only two choices of gender identity—male or female. Transgender individuals transgress this binary conception of
Too Bad for the Women or Does It Have to Be? Gender and Negotiation Research over the Past Twenty-Five Years
One overriding question that scholars have addressed over the past twenty-five years is: are women the same or different from men when it comes to negotiating and what might explain these
This paper is questioning about the hurdles and the opportunities to women’s ascent to senior executive offices. To examine the women carriers’ trajectory and their factor of success, we use a