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The Sociocultural Focus in the Study of Education and Development

  title={The Sociocultural Focus in the Study of Education and Development},
  author={Miguel A. Rodr{\'i}guez},
This work addresses the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the sociocultural and sociohistorical focus of the higher psychological functions, which come from the propositions of Vygotsky and his collaborators (Luria & Leontiev). This theory of development is distinguished by an emphasis on the social origin of psychological phenomena, and proposes a methodological character which has to do with mediated action as a unit of analysis. Based on this focus it tries to explain the… 
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Vygotsky y la formación social de la mente

El desarrollo de los procesos psicológicos superiores

La enseñanza escolar y el desarrollo psíquico

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Voces de la mente

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