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The Socio-economic Implications of the Livestock Ban in Somaliland

  title={The Socio-economic Implications of the Livestock Ban in Somaliland},
  author={Cindy Holleman},
Factors influencing livestock export in Somaliland’s terminal markets
Livestock export from Somaliland to the Arabian Peninsula countries is an important economic activity and the main source of Somaliland’s foreign exchange earnings. We have employed multiple
A Systematic Scoping Study of the Socio‐Economic Impact of Rift Valley Fever: Research Gaps and Needs
The need for comparative socio‐economic studies to help decision‐makers with their choices related to RVF disease management is highlighted, and insights into the mechanisms underpinning its often‐underestimated importance are proposed.
Mapping charcoal driven forest degradation during the main period of Al Shabaab control in Southern Somalia
Following more than 20 years of civil unrest, environmental information for Southern Somalia is scarce while there is clear evidence that the war economy fuelled by the conflict is rapidly depleting
Risk assessment of the introduction of Rift Valley fever from the Horn of Africa to Yemen via legal trade of small ruminants
The overall probability of introduction was assessed very low to medium, increasing during festival periods and higher when considering a direct transmission exposure as compared to a vectorial transmission exposure, underlining important gaps in information that need to be fulfilled in the region.
Towards Improving Livestock Export Marketing Support Services in the Somali Context: Survey Findings and Implications
This study was conducted with the main objective to provide empirical information that informs the debates and decision making processes towards improving livestock trade and marketing in Somalia by
Effects of Livestock Import Bans Imposed by Saudi Arabia on Somaliland for Sanitary Reasons Related to Rift Valley Fever
Data were gathered from Berbera Port official records and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) food monitoring units (FSAU and FEWS), but mainly from interviews with 600 Somaliland livestock
One hundred years of zoonoses research in the Horn of Africa: A scoping review
Recommendations arising from this scoping review include encouraging researchers to adopt a holistic, transdisciplinary One Health approach following high quality reporting standards (COHERE, PRISMA, etc); and empowering local researchers supported by regional and international partnerships to engage in zoonoses research.
Paving the way for human vaccination against Rift Valley fever virus: A systematic literature review of RVFV epidemiology from 1999 to 2021
With broad variability in surveillance, case finding, survey design, and RVFV case confirmation, combined with uncertainty about populations-at-risk, there were inconsistent results from location to location.
Zoonotic diseases and the COVID-19 pandemic: Economic impacts on Somaliland's livestock exports to Saudi Arabia
The livestock sector plays an important socioeconomic role in the Somaliland economy, particularly through revenues from exports. The partial ban on livestock imports from Somalia imposed by Saudi


Report on Research Finding on the State of Pastoralism in Somaliland.
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Stoics Without Pillows: A Way Forward for the Somalilands (review)
In this work, John Drysdale, a former British diplomat well known to specialists on the Horn of Africa, brings his more than 50 years of experience with Somali issues to bear on the current
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