The Snakestone Experiments: An Early Modern Medical Debate

  title={The Snakestone Experiments: An Early Modern Medical Debate},
  author={Matthew Charles Baldwin},
  pages={394 - 418}
  • M. Baldwin
  • Published 1 September 1995
  • Art, Medicine
  • Isis
Au XVII e siecle eut lieu une polemique entre A. Kircher et F. Redi sur l'action antidote de pierres qui se forment dans le tete des cobras, et qui etaient utilisees comme remede en medecine 
Study of the efficacy of the black stone on envenomation by snake bite in the murine model.
‘Serpent stones’: myth and medical application
Abstract ‘Serpent stones’ have been credited with medical efficacy since antiquity. Likely having their root in ancient traditions from India, accounts are now widespread across much of the world.
Prehospital care practices for venomous snakebites in resource-limited settings: A narrative review
This narrative review describes reported prehospital interventions for venomous snakebites highlighting their usefulness, dangers, and/or limitations associated with their use and the currently widely recommended prehospital activities for venomously snakebite.
Of the China Root: A Case Study of the Early Modern Circulation of Materia Medica
The early modern rise of syphilis provoked similar anxieties to those that more recently accompanied the global spread of HIV/AIDS and stimulated global demand for remedies, which led to the drug being spread westward from China by traders of all nationalities from 1535 onwards.
Opium, Experimentation, and Alterity in France
  • E. Spary
  • History
    The Historical Journal
  • 2022
Abstract The effects and dangers of opium were subject to intense scientific scrutiny and experimentation in Paris in the decades around 1700, as rival networks of healers contended for commercial
On Anecdote and Antidotes: Poison Trials in Sixteenth-Century Europe
It is argued that poison trials had an important function in both medical testing and medical writing in the period between 1524–1580, and physicians did imbue the outcome of poison trials with considerable epistemological weight.
‘Le magnétisme sera donc désormais la pierre de touche avec laquelle on jugera du degré de santé de chaque individu, lequel se trouvera préservé de toutes les maladies. Paracelse, Maxwell, le
Treatment of snakebite with snakestone – A preliminary observational study
Snakestone treatment may be effective in snakebite, and further study is needed to replicate the finding.
A Survey of Birds and Fabulous Stones
The records of fabulous stones associated with birds are here examined systematically for the first time. Some were purported to be obtained from within the bird and others obtained from the nest.


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