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The Smell Report An overview of facts and findings

  title={The Smell Report An overview of facts and findings},
  author={K Fox},
'Biosensors in Fluffy Coats': Interspecies Relationships and Knowledge Production at the Nexus of Dog-Training and Scientific Research
This thesis explores human–dog relations and knowledge production at the nexus of dogtraining and scientific research, when dogs are trained to detect the odour of human disease via biological
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The data taken by DELPHI at centre-of-mass energies between 189 and 209 GeV are used to place limits on the CP-conserving trilinear gauge boson couplings g 1 , λγ and κγ associated to W+W− and single
Vol.13/No.2 / OCTOBER 2020-Profetik Jurnal Komunikasi REPRESENTATION OF SOCIAL CLASS IN FILM (Semiotic Analysis of Roland Barthes Film Parasite)
Social class differences have been formed long ago which can identify people's identities which are usually measured based on economic status. This class difference is depicted in Bong Joon-ho's
Indigenous Meanings of Provenance in the Context of Alternative Food Movements and Supply-Chain Traceability: A Review
This article reviews the concept of provenance from both contemporary and traditional aspects. The incorporation of indigenous meanings and conceptualizations of belonging into provenance are
Importance of Senses in Design Education: From Eye Centralism to Anti-Eye Centralism
Today, in majority of the studies conducted in order to increase creativity in terms of effective design education, the concept of creativity is treated as an end-product. Whereas, in the development
Designing Wearable Electronic Spectacle for Enhancing Social Impressions Emitting Sound and Smell
A wearable electronic system that allows users to emit preset sounds and fragrances during a face-to-face encounter and results with human subjects examining how the system augments in building a positive impression using subtle sound and smell stimulations are presented.
From smells to stories : The design and evaluation of the smell memory kit
The study presented is a research through design of the motivational, story sharing effects of smell, within the context of addiction care. This investigation led to the co-design of the Smell Memory
There is no significant difference in the olfactory sensitivity to pepper, lemon, camphor and jasmine odors, but participants have more o aroma sensitivity to jasminum and least olfaction sensitivity to lemon.
Electronic wearable using personalizable sound and fragrance for personal branding
  • Yongsoon Choi
  • Computer Science
    Advances in Computer Entertainment
  • 2015
Further challenges and concerns associated with the concept of an electronic wearables using personalizable sound and fragrance for personal branding purpose are discussed.
The Waiting Room: Improving Space Through Smell
Waiting is an inevitable part of life and the spaces in which we wait can contribute to either improve or worsen the experience. This paper covers the process and results of “The waiting room”,