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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Science Archive: Migrating a Multi-Terabyte Astronomical Archive from Object to Relational DBMS

  title={The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Science Archive: Migrating a Multi-Terabyte Astronomical Archive from Object to Relational DBMS},
  author={Anirudha Thakar and Alexander S. Szalay and Peter Z. Kunszt and Jim Gray},
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Science Archive is the first in a series of multi-Terabyte digital archives in Astronomy and other data-intensive sciences. To facilitate data mining in the SDSS archive, we adapted a commercial database engine and built specialized tools on top of it. Originally we chose an object-oriented database management system due to its data organization capabilities, platform independence, query performance and conceptual fit to the data. However, after using the object… 
The Pan-STARRS Data Processing and Science Analysis Software Systems
The Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (Pan‐STARRS) will use gigapixel CCD cameras on multiaperture telescopes to survey the sky in the visible and infrared bands. A single
AKARI-CAS—Online Service for AKARI All-Sky Catalogues
One of the new features of AKARI-CAS is cachedSIMBAD/NED entries, which can match AKARI catalogs with other catalogs stored in SIMBAD or NED, and fast dynamic cross-identification between registered catalogs is a remarkable feature.
Empowering scientific discovery by distributed data mining on the grid infrastructure
This dissertation investigates Distributed Data Mining (DDM) techniques for the grid infrastructure, and investigates strategies for data transfer and mining in peer-to-peer MyDB environments.
Gray's laws: database-centric computing in science
Jim Gray formulated several informal rules—or laws—that codify how to approach data engineering challenges related to large-scale scientific datasets with an architecture that can scale into the future.
Development of 2MASS Catalog Server Kit
We develop a software kit called "2MASS Catalog Server Kit" to easily construct a high-performance database server for the 2MASS Point Source Catalog (includes 470,992,970 objects) and several
High-Performance Big Data Management Across Cloud Data Centers
This thesis presents a transfer service architecture that enables configurable cost-performance optimizations for inter-site transfers and investigates the viability of leveraging this data movement solution as a cloud-provided service, following a Transfer-as-a-Service paradigm based on a flexible pricing scheme.
When Database Systems Meet the Grid
An existing Grid application that finds galaxy clusters in a large astronomical database is reimplemented using a cluster of SQL servers, which runs an order of magnitude faster than the earlier Tcl-C-file-based implementation.
Data Segmentation Management Infrastructure in a Database Grid
  • Reinaldo Lourenso, S. Kofuji
  • Computer Science
    2006 18th International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD'06)
  • 2006
The solution using segmentation at the level of attribute/object improved the development of the system which had the necessity of storing elevated sizes documents in a database based on grid.
Laying the groundwork for the development of the data archive of the new robotic telescope
The Liverpool Telescope has been in fully autonomous operation since 2004. The supporting data archive facility has largely been untouched. The data provision service has not been an issue although
CasJobs and MyDB: A Batch Query Workbench
Catalog archive server jobs (CasJobs) is an asynchronous query workbench service that lets users run unrestricted SQL queries against scientific catalog archives without causing network overloads.


Designing and mining multi-terabyte astronomy archives: the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
The next-generation astronomy digital archives will cover most of the sky at fine resolution in many wavelengths, from X-rays, through ultraviolet, optical, and infrared. The archives will be stored
Data Mining the SDSS SkyServer Database
This paper built a database and interfaces to support both the query load and also a website for ad-hoc access, and reports on the query implementation and performance.
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • A. Szalay
  • Physics, Computer Science
    Comput. Sci. Eng.
  • 1999
The paper discusses the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which promises to radically improve the way scientists do astronomy by digitally mapping half of the northern sky and could well lead to major new discoveries.
The Indexing of the SDSS Science Archive
In a transportation system intended particularly for assembling structural units such as motor vehicles from component structural elements, there is provided a plurality of such vehicles and means for effecting starting and stopping thereof and for guiding same along a predetermined path.
The Hierarchical Triangular Mesh ”, in Mining the Sky
  • Proc. of the MPA/ESO/MPE workshop,
  • 2001
A Parallel, Distributed Archive Template for the NVO
  • Proceedings of ADASS XASP Conf. Series)
  • 2001
Multi-threaded Query Agent and Engine for a Very Large Astronomical Database
  • Proceedings of ADASS IX Manset, C. Veillet, D. Crabtree (ASP Conf. series)
  • 2000
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