The Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform

  title={The Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform},
  author={Lee F. Richardson and William F. Eddy},
  journal={arXiv: Methodology},
The discrete Fourier transform (DFT) is a widely used tool across science and engineering. Nevertheless, the DFT assumes that the frequency characteristics of a signal remain constant over time, and is unable to detect local changes. Researchers beginning with Gabor (1946) addressed this shortcoming by inventing methods to obtain time-frequency representations, and this thesis focuses on one such method: the Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform (SWDFT). Whereas the DFT operates on an… 



Theory of communication. Part 1: The analysis of information

New methods of analysis, which involve some of the mathematical apparatus of quantum theory, are illustrated by application to some problems of transmission theory, such as direct generation of single sidebands, signals transmitted in minimum time through limited frequency channels, frequency modulation and time-division multiplex telephony.

Fourier Analysis of Time Series: An Introduction

Fitting Sinusoids. The Search for Periodicity. Harmonic Analysis. The Fast Fourier Transform. Examples of Harmonic Analysis. Complex Demodulation. The Spectrum. Some Stationary Time Series Theory.

Testing for Periodicity in a Time Series

Abstract A one-parameter family of tests for periodicity in a time series is proposed that contains Fisher's test as a special case. Some tests in this family have substantially larger power than

New Method of Time Series Analysis and Its Application to Wolf's Sunspot Number Data

A newly devised procedure of time series analysis, which is a linearized version of the nonlinear least squares method combined with the maximum entropy spectral analysis method, was proposed and

Random Search for Hyper-Parameter Optimization

This paper shows empirically and theoretically that randomly chosen trials are more efficient for hyper-parameter optimization than trials on a grid, and shows that random search is a natural baseline against which to judge progress in the development of adaptive (sequential) hyper- parameter optimization algorithms.

R: A language and environment for statistical computing.

Copyright (©) 1999–2012 R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice

A Theory of Communication

In this paper, I conjecture that an expanded theory of communication can be constructed and show what it would look like in outline. If the conjecture proves to be valid, then it makes possible a

A Survey of statistical work on the Mackenzie River series of annual Canadian lynx trappings for the

SUMMARY This paper falls into two main parts. The first reviews past statistical analyses of a very well-known time series consisting of annual lynx trappings in a region of North-west Canada for 114

Population regulation in snowshoe hare and Canadian lynx: asymmetric food web configurations between hare and lynx.

It is argued that the classic food chain structure is inappropriate: the hare is influenced by many predators other than the lynx, and the lynX is primarily influenced by the snowshoe hare.

Thesis Proposal The Short Time Fourier Transform and Local Signals

This thesis investigates the properties of the short time Fourier transform with overlapping windows and its uses in detecting local (in time) signals and aims to develop methods to detect local signals.