The Sleep Disorders Questionnaire. I: Creation and multivariate structure of SDQ.

  title={The Sleep Disorders Questionnaire. I: Creation and multivariate structure of SDQ.},
  author={A. Douglass and R. Bornstein and G. Nino-Murcia and S. Keenan and L. Miles and V. Zarcone and C. Guilleminault and W. Dement},
  volume={17 2},
The development of the Sleep Disorders Questionnaire (SDQ) from the Sleep Questionnaire and Assessment of Wakefulness (SQAW) of Stanford University is described in detail. The extraction of the best question items from the SQAW and their subsequent rewording in the SDQ to insure greater completion rates are described. Two item test-retest reliability studies are reported on 71 controls and on 130 sleep-disorder patients, which confirmed adequate reliability. To create multivariate scoring… Expand

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