The Size and Shape of the Oblong Dwarf Planet Haumea

  title={The Size and Shape of the Oblong Dwarf Planet Haumea},
  author={Alexandra C. Lockwood and M. Brown and J. Stansberry},
  journal={Earth, Moon, and Planets},
  • Alexandra C. Lockwood, M. Brown, J. Stansberry
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • Earth, Moon, and Planets
  • Abstract We use thermal radiometry and visible photometry to constrain the size, shape, and albedo of the large Kuiper belt object Haumea. The correlation between the visible and thermal photometry demonstrates that Haumea’s high amplitude and quickly varying optical light curve is indeed due to Haumea’s extreme shape, rather than large scale albedo variations. However, the well-sampled high precision visible data we present does require longitudinal surface heterogeneity to account for the… CONTINUE READING
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