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The Six Stages Of Parenthood

  title={The Six Stages Of Parenthood},
  author={Ellen Galinsky},
The Image-Making Stage * Introduction * Accepting the Pregnancy * Preparing for Parenthood * Preparing for the Birth * Reconciling Ones Images of Birth with Reality * Facing the Feelings of Attachment * Redefining Relationships in the Early Years The Authority Stage * Developing Authority * Gaining Distance * Dealing with Sex Roles and Identity The Interpretive Stage * Interpreting Oneself as a Parent * Interpreting Ones Children to the Children * Separating and Connecting * Interpreting the… 
The Significance of Parenting and Parent-Child Relationships for Sexual and Gender Minority Adolescents.
This article reviews the extant literature on this topic from family systems and attachment perspectives while highlighting the significance of family experiences within a minority stress framework and how postdisclosure parenting affects the health and well-being of LGBT adolescents.
OF DISSERTATION PARENT DEVELOPMENT AND WELLBEING DURING THE LAUNCHING STAGE OF PARENTHOOD At the present time, the young adult transition into adulthood has been extended, which has also extended the
Evidence of Change and Continuity in Fathering: The Case of Western India
In this article the author attempts to explore how fathers fare in today's globalized India. Findings from a series of research studies conducted on a sample of urban Hindu middle class Gujarati
Tethered Love: When Failures in Adult Development Forge Inescapable Archaic Bonds
ABSTRACT Character development does not end in childhood. It is a lifelong endeavor in which the undertaking of parenthood is a developmental stage. Parenting presents various challenges that promote
Preparation for parenthood: a concept analysis
Objective: This article reviewed the literature and critically analysed the concept of preparation for parenthood. The analysis is mainly of a discursive nature with some theoretical underpinnings.
Involved parenting in the context of marital and job satisfaction
The issues discussed in the article concern the interdependence of social roles assu- med by adults. From the point of view of optimal conditions for offspring development, the le- vel of adults'
Transitions within Fathering
Researchers and family theorists have emphasized the transition to fatherhood as a critical juncture in men’s development and in their contribution to family well-being through father involvement and
Fathering in Australia Among Couple Families with Young Children
There has been growing recognition of the importance of fathers to families in recent years. Societal trends, such as rising levels of employment among mothers of young children and recognition of