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The Six-Party Talks

  title={The Six-Party Talks},
  author={Alessandro Gagaridis and Elena Aoun}
Will China Solve the North Korea Problem? The United States Should Develop a Diplomatic Strategy to Persuade Beijing to Help
Northeast Asia is perhaps the world’s most dangerous flashpoint, with three neighboring nuclear powers, one the highly unpredictable and confrontational North Korea. For nearly a quarter century the
Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy: Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power
When Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, China symbolically demonstrated its role as an emerging world power-a position it is not likely to relinquish anytime soon. China's growing economy,
Bayesian Poisson Tensor Factorization for Inferring Multilateral Relations from Sparse Dyadic Event Counts
A Bayesian tensor factorization model for inferring latent group structures from dynamic pairwise interaction patterns and identifies a better way to form point estimates of the latent factors than that typically used in Bayesian Poisson matrix factorization.


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