The Simplest Surrealist Act: Valerie Solanas and the (Re) Assertion of Avantgarde Priorities

  title={The Simplest Surrealist Act: Valerie Solanas and the (Re) Assertion of Avantgarde Priorities},
  author={James M. Harding},
  journal={TDR/The Drama Review},
She shot pop art superstar Andy Warholbut, really, who was Valerie Solanas? And what was SCUM? Answering those questions tells a lot about the radically changing landscape of the American avantgarde of the late 1960a. 
“I Should’ve Done Target Practice”: Why Valerie Solanas Missed
Through performative writing, this article seeks to tell the story of Valerie Solanas. Solanas, the woman most notoriously known as the shooter of Andy Warhol, has had little media exposure that does
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Valerie Solanas deserves fresh assessment. An innovator whose aberrant humour has not been fully recognized, Solanas embarked on the male-dominated route of a type of satire that has most commonly
Spitfire and Sass: Valerie Solanas’s “A Young Girl’s Primer” and the Creative Possibilities of a Survival Self
This essay considers this "survival self " as a viable strategy for (struggling) feminist artists, writers, and thinkers-particularly those whose conditions of daily life require an "alter ego" to endure the various taxations, trivializations, violences, and mockeries directed toward women within a patriarchal culture.
‘Sometimes the Meaning of the Text is Unclear’: Making ‘Sense’ of the SCUM Manifesto in a Contemporary Swedish Context
Abstract In 2003 the first Swedish translation of the well known second-wave feminist manifesto, the SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas, was published. Publication of this text became intricately
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Mike Sell: I’ve invited Jean Graham-Jones, James Harding, Kimberly Jannarone, and Alan Filewod to Indiana University of Pennsylvania to discuss the implications and opportunities of the essays in
Wonder Waif Meets Super Neuter
OCTOBER 132, Spring 2010, pp. 135–163. © 2010 October Magazine, Ltd. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “As far as I’m concerned, the guy was a fucking saint.”1 The fucking saint is Michel
The (dis)appearance of Up Your Ass: Valerie Solanas as abject revolutionary
Through performative writing and using Cixous' notion of écriture feminine, this piece explores how the archival and treatment of Valerie Solanas' ‘lost’ manuscript Up Your Ass marks her as an abject


I shot Andy Warhol : ポップカルト・ブック
I Shot Andy Warhol is the script of the art-house film telling the story of Valerie Solanas, the radical feminist and author of the SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men) Manifesto, who made headlines in
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Prologue - playing and modernity: pleasures of theory metapolylogue - on playing and modernity. Part 1 A double margin - woman writers and the avant-garde in France: of margins and avant-gardes the
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