The Simons Array CMB polarization experiment

  title={The Simons Array CMB polarization experiment},
  author={Nathan Christopher Stebor and Peter A. R. Ade and Yoshiki Akiba and Christopher Aleman and Kam S. Arnold and Carlo Baccigalupi and Bennett Barch and Darcy Riley Barron and Sequoia Beckman and Amy Nicole Bender and D. Barron D. Boettger and Julian Borrill and S C Chapman and Yuji Chinone and Ari Cukierman and Tijmen de Haan and Matt A. Dobbs and Anne Ducout and Roberto Dunner and Tucker Elleflot and J. Errard and Giulio Fabbian and Stephen Patrick Feeney and Chang Ping Feng and Takuro Fujino and Geoffrey C. Fuller and Adam J. Gilbert and Neil Goeckner-Wald and John C. Groh and Graham William Hall and Nils William Halverson and Takehiro Hamada and Masanobu Hasegawa and Kaori Hattori and Masashi Hazumi and Charles Anthony Hill and W. L. Holzapfel and Yukari Hori and Logan A. Howe and Yashuhiro Inoue and Fumio Irie and Gregory C. Jaehnig and Andrew H. Jaffe and Oliver Jeong and Nobuhiko Katayama and Jasminka Pecoti{\'c} Kaufman and Katayoun Kazemzadeh and Brian Gregory Keating and Zigmund David Kermish and Reijo Keskitalo and Ted Kisner and Akito Kusaka and Morgane Le Jeune and Adrian Liang Tar. Lee and David Leon and Eric Linder and Linda Lowry and Frederick Matsuda and Taishi Matsumura and Nathan James Miller and Joshua Montgomery and Marty Navaroli and Hanako Nishino and Hans Peter Paar and Julien Peloton and Dianora Poletti and Giovanni Puglisi and Chris Raum and G. M. Rebeiz and Christian L. Reichardt and Paul A. C. Richards and Christine Ross and Kaja M. Rotermund and Yuuko Segawa and Blake Daniel Sherwin and Ian Shirley and Praween Siritanasak and Levi Steinmetz and Radek Stompor and Aritoki Suzuki and Osamu Tajima and Shusuke Takada and Shun Takatori and Grant Paul Teply and Alexander Tikhomirov and T.. Tomaru and Beth Westbrook and Nathan Whitehorn and Alana Zahn and Oliver Zahn},
  booktitle={Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation},
The Simons Array is a next generation cosmic microwave background (CMB) polarization experiment whose science target is a precision measurement of the B-mode polarization pattern produced both by inflation and by gravitational lensing. As a continuation and extension of the successful POLARBEAR experimental program, the Simons Array will consist of three cryogenic receivers each featuring multichroic bolometer arrays mounted onto separate 3.5m telescopes. The first of these, also called… CONTINUE READING

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