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The Significance of Forest to the Emergence of Batek Knowledge in Pahang, Malaysia

  title={The Significance of Forest to the Emergence of Batek Knowledge in Pahang, Malaysia},
  author={Tuck-Po Lye},
This paper argues that the landscape is an important source of knowledge and continuity. The case material is from the Batek, who are mobile forest-dwellers of Pahang, Malaysia. They are a good example of an egalitarian society that does not need political leadership to reproduce its sense of cultural distinctiveness. The question is how do they do it ? What, if any, are the mechanisms ? The Batek, when they talk about their identity, emphasize the forest. The forest has many salient… 
Forest Significant and Conservation among the Semaq Beri Tribe of Orang Asli in Terengganu State, Malaysia
The Orang Asli are an indigenous ethnic group found in peninsular Malaysia. It is estimated that more than 60% of them reside within outskirt and rural areas. These types of settlement areas
Tropes of Fear: the Impact of Globalization on Batek Religious Landscapes
The Batek are a forest and forest-fringe dwelling population numbering around 1,500 located in Peninsular Malaysia. Most Batek groups were mobile forest-dwelling foragers and collectors until the
Traditional knowledge on the universe among the Semaq Beri Tribe in TerengganuState, Peninsular Malaysia
Each society has its own distinctive perceptions and knowledge on the Universe, especially towards the world that has become their place of residence; such is the case of the Orang Asli, one of the
Lifestyle Transformations of the Orang Asli through Participations in the Palm Oil Plantation Projects in Terengganu State, Peninsula Malaysia
The Orang Asli are one of the indigenous ethnics, with its majority living in suburban and remote areas of Peninsula Malaysia. Such settlement patterns result in their traditional economy being
Batek Phrases for Biodiversity Researchers: A Preliminary Language Descriptive Analysis
Data was collected through experiential observant-participation of approximately three months’ field visits to provide essential Batek phrases for future researchers and may suggest that the /-lew/ stem is a possible indicator of Wh- questions equivalent.
The Orang Asli is one of the natives in Peninsular Malaysia lagging behind in rapid development, and has a high poverty rate. Although since the independence, Malaysian government has been
Income Dependency on Non-timber Forest Products: An Empirical Evidence of the Indigenous People in Peninsular Malaysia
The indigenous people have been identified to be among the poorest and the most socioeconomically and culturally marginalized people all over the world. The main purpose of the paper is to explore
Vulnerability context and well-being factors of Indigenous community development: a study of Peninsular Malaysia
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Exploration on Innovation Culture in Batek Tribe
A study was conducted on the Batek tribe in Taman Negara, Pahang. The study was aimed at exploring the contribution of Batek tribe on innovation. This research uses four types of innovation as
Exploring Community Based Tourism among Semai Community at Mualim District Perak
Community based tourism is often linked to sustainable tourism where the community take the initiative to create tourism that will benefit and preserve the community, environment, culture and


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