The Significance of Festivals to Regional Economies: Measuring the Economic Value of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in South Africa

  title={The Significance of Festivals to Regional Economies: Measuring the Economic Value of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in South Africa},
  author={Melville Saayman and Riaan Rossouw},
  journal={Tourism Economics},
  pages={603 - 624}
This paper estimates the economic value of South Africa's longest running national arts festival, the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in the Eastern Cape Province. The Eastern Cape is a middle-income province (6.6% of national GDP), settles 9.6% of the South African population and has a high unemployment rate. A survey was conducted in July 2009, with 450 visitors completing a structured questionnaire at various sampling locations across the festival area. A social accounting matrix (SAM… 

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