The Significance of Darwinian Theory for Marx and Engels

  title={The Significance of Darwinian Theory for Marx and Engels},
  author={Angus M. Taylor},
  journal={Philosophy of the Social Sciences},
  pages={409 - 423}
  • Angus M. Taylor
  • Published 1 December 1989
  • Philosophy
  • Philosophy of the Social Sciences
After reading The Origiiz of Species Karl Marx wrote to Frederick Engels on 19 December 1860: ‘Although it is developed in a crude English way, this is the book that contains the natural-history foundation for our viewpoint’.2 Then on 16 January 1861 he wrote to Ferdinand Lassalle: ‘Darwin’s book is very important and serves me as a natural-scientific basis for the class struggle in h i ~ t o r y ’ . ~ And at Marx’s funeral in 1883 Engels asserted that ‘Just as Darwin discovered the law of… 
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