The Shock and Vibration Digest

  title={The Shock and Vibration Digest},
  author={Henry C. Pusey and Edward H Schell and Rudolph H Volin and Robert O Belsheim},
  journal={The Shock and Vibration Digest},
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The influence of cracks in rotating shafts
Sweeping piezoelectric patch vibration absorbers
This paper presents a simulation study concerning the low-mid frequencies control of flexural vibration in a lightly damped thin plate, equipped with five time-varying shunted vibration absorbers.
Helical buckling of drill-strings
This paper presents experimental and numerical investigations of the complex drill-string vibration, with particular attention to the helical buckling of drill-strings and its influence on the system
Wavelet Multifractal Approaches for Singularity Analysis of Vibration Signals
The WTMM method for multifractal spectrum is introduced, and the multifractional spectra are used to analyze the experimental data of rub-impact, oil whirl, coupling misalignment and imbalance faults and the results show that the vibration signals of the rub- impact have the strongest singularity.
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) measures the damping of an oscillatory signal in a material. The technique allows the detection of very weak transitions as well as fast determinations of modulus as
Vibration analysis and intelligent control of flexible rotor systems using smart materials
Flexible rotor-bearing system stability is a very important subject impacting the design, control, maintenance and operating safety. As the rotor bearing-system dynamic nonlinearities are
Performance Research of a Novel Spiral Piezoelectric Harvester
Piezoelectric materials generate electricity when they are subjected to mechanical strain. This paper presents an innovative design platform of piezoelectric energy harvester with variable curvatures
Vibration-Based Structural Health Monitoring – Concepts and Applications
This paper gives an overview on the current status of vibration-based methods for Structural Health Monitoring. All these methods have in common that a structural change due to a damage results in a
Wave Propagation Based Multi-Crack Identification in Beam Structures through Anti-Resonances Information
Cracks bring a serious threat to safety of structures. Most of the failures and fractures of engineering structures are due to initial cracks or fatigue cracks of materials. So it is very important


The Effect of a Damping Compound on Jet‐Efflux Excited Vibrations
The theory is presented of the increase in damping that can be obtained when a damping compound is added to a simple structure vibrating in a bending mode. Consideration has been given to the use of
Abstract : Since unconstrained layer damping treatments on vibrating plates dissipate energy by undergoing bending strain, the treatment in the vicinity of lines of contra-flexure contributes little
Wave propagation in elastic solids
Elastic waves at the surface of separation of two solids
In considering how the energy of a seismic disturbance is dissipated one is led to enquire into the possibility of the existence of waves, analogous to Rayleigh waves and Love waves, that are
On waves in an elastic plate
The theory of waves in an infinitely long cylindrical rod was discussed by Pochhammer in 1876 in a well-known paper. The somewhat simpler problem of two-dimensional waves in a solid bounded by
Experimental Confirmation of Lamb Waves at Megacycle Frequencies
A theory formulated in 1916 by Horace Lamb predicting that plates may vibrate in up to an infinite number of modes is confirmed by a method described. The theory is extended to correlate experimental
Exact Analysis of the Plane‐Strain Vibrations of Thick‐Walled Hollow Cylinders
The plane‐strain vibrations of a thick‐walled hollow cylinder are investigated in the framework of the linear theory of elasticity. Approximate expressions for the frequencies of free modes are
Sound and vibration research
Measurements associated with research in sound and vibration, from the nature of problems in this field, are almost all dynamic ones. Furthermore, these measurements are derived from a broad spectrum
Some Problems of Geodynamics
  • H. L
  • Geology
  • 1912
THIS book consists of a number of discussions of important questions of geophysics. The nature and bearing of these will be best understood if we cast a rapid glance at the modern historv of the
  • Medicine
  • 1971
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