The Shock Factor of Divine Revelation: A Philological Approach to Daniel 8 and 9

  title={The Shock Factor of Divine Revelation: A Philological Approach to Daniel 8 and 9},
  author={Benno A. Zuiddam},
  journal={Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament},
  pages={247 - 267}
  • B. Zuiddam
  • Published 1 October 2013
  • Linguistics
  • Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament
ABSTRACT This article explores the story and plot of Daniel 8 and 9, and argues that the angel Gabriel assists Daniel in handling the shock factor associated with Divine revelation concerning a seemingly successful antichrist. A comparison of the Septuagint traditions with the Masoretic text this article shows that Daniel 8 and the later part of 9 present visions of an apparently successful blasphemous king and an initially unsuccessful Messiah, rulers against and for God respectively. The… 



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