The Shiraz Arts Festival: Western Avant-Garde Arts in 1970s Iran

  title={The Shiraz Arts Festival: Western Avant-Garde Arts in 1970s Iran},
  author={R. Gluck},
ABSTRACT Iran in the 1970s was host to an array of electronic music and avant-garde arts. In the decade prior to the Islamic revolution, the Shiraz Arts Festival provided a showcase for composers, performers, dancers and theater directors from Iran and abroad, among them Iannis Xenakis, Peter Brook, John Cage, Gordon Mumma, David Tudor, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Merce Cunningham. A significant arts center, which was to include electronic music and recording studios, was planned as an outgrowth… Expand
Shiraz’s heritage gardens during the political turmoil in Twentieth-century Iran
ABSTRACT This paper aims to study the impacts of complex political changes on the material and socio-cultural dimensions of the heritage gardens, which initially belonged to the nobilities of Shiraz.Expand
The ColumbiaPrinceton Electronic Music Center: Educating International Composers
  • R. Gluck
  • History, Computer Science
  • Computer Music Journal
  • 2007
The personal narratives of these composers are explored and their impact on the culture of the CPEMC and on their own future work, both musically and institutionally are explored. Expand
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Playing against the rhythm: the intersection of gender and performative space in Iran
Playing Against the Rhythm: The Intersection of Gender and Performative Space in Iran by Leila Rafei
Nationalism, politics, and the practice of archaeology : the case study of Iran
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Part 2.3 Mountain Site-Related Performance
In the third chapter in Part 2 (2.3) the extent to which contemporary performance has sited itself in mountains is examined, using the festival of Persepolis, in Shiraz in Iran, as a departing pointExpand


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Stockhausen: A Biography
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