The Shedshed of Wepwawet: An Artistic and Behavioural Interpretation*

  title={The Shedshed of Wepwawet: An Artistic and Behavioural Interpretation*},
  author={Linda Evans},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={103 - 116}
  • L. Evans
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Environmental Science
  • The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
The shedshed, a curious balloon-shaped object associated with the canine god Wepwawet, has yet to be identified conclusively. Through a comparison of the shedshed with Ancient Egyptian representations of animal burrows, and a consideration of the natural behaviour of canine species, a new interpretation of the symbol as a canid den is offered. Wepwawet's role in Egyptian mythology is reassessed in the light of this hypothesis. 


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