The Shaping of a Profession: Physicians in Norway, Past and Present: A Stand against Tyranny: Norway's Physicians and the Nazis

  title={The Shaping of a Profession: Physicians in Norway, Past and Present: A Stand against Tyranny: Norway's Physicians and the Nazis},
  author={I. S. L. Loudon},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine},
  pages={522 - 523}
  • I. Loudon
  • Published 1 September 1997
  • Medicine
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
Life satisfaction in Norwegian medical doctors: a 15-year longitudinal study of work-related predictors
Work–home stress, perceived job demands, and colleague support were the most important predictors of life satisfaction related to doctors’ work.
Changes in job satisfaction among doctors in Norway from 2010 to 2017: a study based on repeated surveys
Job satisfaction for Norwegian doctors decreased from 2010 to 2016–2017, but it was still at a relatively high level, and changes in the professional culture may explain some of the reduced satisfaction.
Distressed doctors: a narrative and historical study of work-related mental discomfort among practising physicians
Practicalising a person-centred, rather than patient-centre, care might be part of such awareness and is discussed as a possible protective strategy for physicians at risk of work-related mental distress.
Arctic Gothic: genre, folklore, and the cinematic horror landscape of Dead Snow (2009)
ABSTRACT In critical evaluations of what is commonly termed ‘Scandinavian Gothic‘, the geographic landscape figures prominently, and it is often claimed to almost act as a living presence. Taking
When doctors are patients: a narrative study of help-seeking behaviour among addicted physicians
The article concludes that, in the identity transition necessary to become a patient, doctors are held back by their professional status and that every step to assist them needs to take shape based on an awareness of the underlying principles of the medical drama.
Healthcare Service Utilization for Practicing Physicians: A Population-Based Study
Physicians had less healthcare utilization than comparison subjects, and hospital-based Physicians had higher inpatient costs and less outpatient services and costs than office-based physicians.
The irresponsible criminal in Norwegian medico-legal discourse.
How best to assist struggling trainees? Developing an evidence-based framework to guide support interventions
Key mechanisms identified for assisting struggling trainees all involve increasing trainees' awareness of gaps in their knowledge and ways of communicating, potentially from multiple sources.
Exploring the subjective burden of confidentiality among physicians in Norway
Addressing the interaction of emotional demands and pa- tient confidentiality is important to study coping with distress from physician’s professional experiences.