The Shape of Gravity in a Warped Deformed

  title={The Shape of Gravity in a Warped Deformed},
  author={Conifold Hassan Firouzjahi and S H Tye},
  • Conifold Hassan Firouzjahi, S H Tye
  • Published 2005
We study the spectrum of the gravitational modes in Minkowski spacetime due to a 6-dimensional warped deformed conifold, i.e., a warped throat, in superstring theory. After identifying the zero mode as the usual 4D graviton, we present the KK spectrum as well as other excitation modes. Gluing the throat to the bulk (a realistic scenario), we see that the graviton has a rather uniform probability distribution everywhere while a KK mode is peaked in the throat, as expected. Due to the suppressed… CONTINUE READING

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