The Sexual Orientation and Gender Presentation of Hijra, Kothi, and Panthi in Mumbai, India

  title={The Sexual Orientation and Gender Presentation of Hijra, Kothi, and Panthi in Mumbai, India},
  author={Matthew Stief},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
Cultural categories related to sexuality and gender vary considerably cross-culturally. While Western cultures categorize people primarily in terms of sexual attractions (i.e., gay, straight, bisexual), many cultures distinguish between groups based on additional issues such as gender role presentation and position preference in anal sex (i.e., insertive/receptive). The current study gathered data on three categories of natal males in Mumbai, India—hijra, kothi, and panthi (N = 93). Hijra are… 

Viewing Time and Self-Report Measures of Sexual Attraction in Samoan Cisgender and Transgender Androphilic Males

Viewing time discrepancies between participant’s preferred gender and their non-preferred gender were greater for gynephilic men compared to the two androphilic groups, and Androphilic men and fa’afafine reported greater sexual attraction to men than women and viewed the images of men longer than those of women.

Samoan Men's Sexual Attraction and Viewing Time Response to Male-to-Feminine Transgender and Cisgender Adults.

Responses to MtF transgender individuals vary among Samoan men who share a sexual preference for women, according to MSF and MSW.

Direct Reproduction and Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Thailand.

Number of children was significantly positively associated with age among heterosexual women, bisexual women, toms, and dees, and with age, the discrepancies in average number of children produced between heterosexual women and each of lesbian women and toms became significantly more pronounced.

Men’s Sexual Interest in Feminine Trans Individuals across Cultures

The authors' review suggests that, across cultures, most of these men are also sexually attracted to cisgender individuals, and many are sexually attractedto cisgender women or to cis gender members of both sexes.

The Influences of Stigma on Sexuality among Sexual and Gender Minoritized Individuals in Urban India

Abstract Indian sexual and gender minoritized (SGM) individuals face marginalization and discrimination. Objectives: This study examines stigma’s effects on sexuality among SGM individuals in urban

Occupational Preferences and Recalled Childhood Sex-Atypical Behavior among Istmo Zapotec Men, Women, and Muxes.

The study found large sex differences in occupational preferences among androphilic males from the Istmo region of Oaxaca, Mexico, consistent with the conclusion that sex-atypical occupational preferences are a cross-culturally universal aspect of male androphilia.

Minority Stress and Well-Being Under Anti-Sodomy Legislation in India

Anti-lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer (LGBTQ) public policy has been seen to have an adverse impact on the mental health of gender and sexual minorities (Herek, 2011; Rostosky & Riggle, 2017).

Effeminate Gay Bottoms in the West: Narratives of Pussyboys and Boiwives on Tumblr.

Recent discussions of gay male bottom identity have been cautious about positioning bottoms in relation to a gendered identity, and thereby colluding with stereotypes about gay bottoms being

Violence and Mental Health Among Gender-Diverse Individuals Enrolled in a Human Immunodeficiency Virus Program in Karnataka, South India

There is a need for services that cater to the unique mental health needs of gender-diverse individuals in India, following rights-based approaches that address the underlying roots of oppression they encounter.



Culture, Sexualities, and Identities

  • S. Khan
  • Sociology
    Journal of homosexuality
  • 2001
This essay arises from a specific context of working with sexual health issues among males who have sex with males in India, where HIV/AIDS has become an urgent issue. Over the past few years, The

Looking for a tall, dark, macho man … sexual‐role behaviour variations in Latino gay and bisexual men

A community recruited sample of Latino gay and bisexual men in New York were asked to indicate their likelihood of adopting the insertive (activo) or receptive (pasivo) roles in oral and anal sex

Reconsidering male bisexuality: sexual activity role and sexual attraction in Samoan men who engage in sexual interactions with fa’afafine

In many non Western cultures, same-sex attracted males are markedly feminine in terms of their gender role presentation and are recognized as members of a "third" gender. These third gender males

Category-Specificity in Sexual Interest in Gay Men and Lesbians

Gay men and lesbians demonstrated a category-specific pattern of sexual interest, and the difference in viewing times between preferred and nonpreferred sexual stimuli was not significantly different for gay men and lesbian, suggesting that lesbians are as category- specific as gay men.

With Respect to Sex: Negotiating Hijra Identity in South India

"With Respect to Sex" is an intimate ethnography that offers a provocative account of sexual and social difference in India. The subjects of this study are "hijras" or the "third sex" of

Viewing Time Measures of Sexual Orientation in Samoan Cisgender Men Who Engage in Sexual Interactions with Fa’afafine

Self-report and viewing time (response time latency) measures of sexual attraction indicated that cisgender men who engaged in sexual interactions with fa’afafine demonstrated a bisexual pattern ofSexual attraction, indicating that the manner in which bisexual patterns ofsexual attraction manifest behaviorally vary from one culture to the next.

Cultural Universals and Differences in Male Homosexuality: The Case of a Brazilian Fishing Village

  • F. Cardoso
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
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There were significant differences in childhood play activities, sexual inclinations, and sports preferences between paneleiros and non-paneleiro; however, paneleiro lovers and persistentheterosexuals were not significantly different with regard to these variables or with regards to access to women.

The Cultural, Psychiatric, and Sexuality Aspects of Hijras in India

ABSTRACT The Indian hijra community encompasses persons with a variety of gender identities and sexual orientations, forming a culturally unique gender group. Although these communities have existed

Correlates and prevalence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections among Hijras (male transgenders) in Pakistan

Their communal living and wider sexual networks suggest a more central role for Hijras in Pakistan's HIV epidemic, and effective HIV/STI control programmes must take the above factors into account to enrich their programme content.

The Relationship Between Intercourse Preference Positions and Personality Traits Among Gay Men in China

Sexual self-labels appear not only to distinguish sexual behavior patterns but may also suggest gender role differences among Chinese gay men.