The Sexual Constitution of Political Authority: The 'Trials' of Same-Sex Desire

  title={The Sexual Constitution of Political Authority: The 'Trials' of Same-Sex Desire},
  author={Aleardo Zanghellini},
The Sexual Constitution of Political Authority argues that there are good reasons to suppose that our understandings of state power quiver with erotic undercurrents. Through a series of case studies where a statesman's same sex desire was put on trial (either literally or metaphorically) as a problem for the good exercise of public powers, the book shows the resilience and adaptability of cultural beliefs in the incompatibility between public office and male same-sex desire. 

Unnatural Offenses of English Import: The Political Association of Englishness and Same-Sex Desire in Nineteenth-Century Irish Nationalist Media

I n D e c e m b e r 1919 m I c h a e l F o g a r t y , the Catholic bishop of Killaloe, in a letter to the editor, decried the fact that Lord Chief Justice Francis Molony, a “hireling of British

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I read for the first time the (almost) complete account of Oscar's trials...It's very interesting and depressing. One of the surprising features is that he very nearly got off. If he had, what would

Malakoi (Effeminates) and Avrsenokoitai (Homosexuals): A Reflection on 1 Corinthians 6:9 from a Ghanaian (Akan) Perspective

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    E-Journal of Religious and Theological Studies
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Homosexuality and the rights of LGBTQ+ people have in recent times become one of the most discussed topics. In Ghana especially, there are massive debates, comments and advocacy of various kinds on

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