The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church: What Psychologists and Counselors Should Know

  title={The Sexual Abuse Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church: What Psychologists and Counselors Should Know},
  author={Thomas G. Plante and Courtney Daniels},
  journal={Pastoral Psychology},
Recent events regarding child sexual abuse committed by Roman Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Boston and elsewhere have yet again resulted in a tremendous amount of media attention and frenzy regarding this topic. During 2002 alone, approximately 300 American Catholic priests, including several bishops, were accused of child sexual abuse. Many were forced to resign their positions while others were prosecuted and went to prison. Curiously, there still exist many myths and misperceptions… 

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Sex abuse in the USA leads the church to the bankruptcies and lost her credibility because the priests have mismanaged their authority for their own interests. The faithful are angry to the

Clerical Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church of England and Wales: A Commentary of child safeguarding ( Cumberlege Commission, 2007 )

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Preface by Thomas Plante Foreword by Sylvia M. Demarest Introduction: What Do We Know about Roman Catholic Priests who Sexually Abuse Minors? by Thomas Plante Sexuality in the Priesthood: Noli me

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The authors suggest potential legal bases for reaching sexually abusive clergy counselors without encroaching on religious freedom, and urge the churches to meet their responsibility and assume a more active stance toward helping to resolve this problem.

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A tremendous amount of media attention has been directed towards sexual abuse perpetrated by Roman Catholic priests in recent years. While there are countless research studies on both sexual abuse

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One prominent finding of the survey was that approximately 80% of adults reported no or one sexual partner in the year before the interview, and approximately 3% of men and 2% of women reported any homosexual or bisexual activity during the same period.

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