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  • Published 2017

The Seven-Stringed Rainbow. Józef Bohdan Zaleski and Cyprian Norwid

  title={The Seven-Stringed Rainbow. J{\'o}zef Bohdan Zaleski and Cyprian Norwid},
  author={Maria Grzędzielska},
Cyprian Norwid knew the work of Jozef Bohdan Zaleski before 1847, the year marking the start of an acquaintance that was later to grow into a friendship. Norwid held the much older poet in high esteem for his goodness and integrity; Zaleski for his part supported and helped Norwid. Some of Norwid’s early poems contain allusions to Zaleski’s works, but they demonstrate the independence of Norwid’s position as a poet. Norwid indirectly evaluated some features of Zaleski’s poetry as “little gems… CONTINUE READING