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The Set of Orthogonal Tensor Trains

  title={The Set of Orthogonal Tensor Trains},
  author={Pardis Semnani and Elina Robeva},
In this paper we study the set of tensors that admit a special type of decomposition called an orthogonal tensor train decomposition. Finding equations defining varieties of low-rank tensors is generally a hard problem, however, the set of orthogonally decomposable tensors is defined by appealing quadratic equations. The tensors we consider are an extension of orthogonally decomposable tensors. We show that they are defined by similar quadratic equations, as well as an interesting higher-degree… 

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  • 2015
If an orthogonal decomposition of an $m-way $n-dimensional symmetric tensor exists, this work proposes a novel method to compute it that reduces to an $n \times n$ symmetric matrix eigenproblem.

Orthogonal Decomposition of Symmetric Tensors

  • Elina Robeva
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl.
  • 2016
This work forms a set of polynomial equations that vanish on the odeco variety and conjecture that these polynomials generate its prime ideal, and proves this conjecture in some cases and gives strong evidence for its overall correctness.

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