The Sesamoid Bones of the Hand and their Pathology

  title={The Sesamoid Bones of the Hand and their Pathology},
  author={Virchel E. Wood},
  journal={Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume)},
  pages={261 - 264}
  • V. E. Wood
  • Published 1 June 1984
  • Medicine
  • Journal of Hand Surgery (British and European Volume)

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Fracture of the radial sesamoid bone of the thumb: an unusual fracture.

A 44-year-old male, high level gymnastic trainer, was helping one of his athletes during an exercise while he reported a hyperextension trauma to the MCP joint of the right thumb and found a fracture of the radial sesamoid, which was treated with a splint for 3 weeks.

Ultrasound Evaluation of Sesamoid Fractures of the Hand: Retrospective Report of 13 Patients

  • S. BianchiM. Becciolini
  • Medicine
    Journal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
  • 2019
A retrospective review of 13 patients with fractures of sesamoid bones of the hand detected by US is presented, finding that these fractures are mainly posttraumatic and can be seen in joint sprains, at the MCP joint of the thumb, or in direct trauma such as during falls on MCP joints of other fingers.

Sesamoid disorders of the hand.

Prevalence and variation of sesamoid bones in the hand: a multi-center radiographic study.

A retrospective review of posteroanterior and oblique radiographs of 436 left and 414 right hands of 850 adult patients obtained from four hospitals found two sesamoid bones were rarely seen in other joints of the hand except thumb MCP joints.

Anatomy and pathology of the sesamoid bones

The sesamoid bones were studied in 100 hands and feet in 50 cadavers and in 1000 radiographs of the hands of South Sinai Bedouin children, finding differences between the hand and the foot in relation to the occurrence of degenerative changes in the joints.

Prevalence and distribution of sesamoid bones of the hand in Omani subjects: a radiological study

The prevalence and distribution patterns of the sesamoid bones of the hands among Omani patients who were referred for radiological investigations seems to differ from other Middle Eastern populations, particularly at the fifth metacarpophalangeal joint and the interphalangeal joints of the thumb.

Fracture of the ulnar sesamoid of the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb: A case report

A fracture of the ulnar sesamoid in a 25‐year‐old man caused by a fall on his outstretched hand is reported, which should not be confused with normal variants that occasionally arise from ossifications centers that fail to unite.

Fracture of the index sesamoid. A case report.

Fracture of the Sesamoid Bone of the Thumb: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

It is recommended that fracture of the sesamoid of the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint should be regarded as an avulsion fracture and the role of surgical intervention should be limited to patients with a painful nonunion.



On Sesamoid and Supernumerary Bones of the Limbs.

This bone has a cartilaginous nucleus in the second month embryo, and corresponds to the tubercle of the scaphoid common in some mammals. I found this bone well represented in the tarsal range of the

The sesamoid bones of the hand and the time of fusion of the epiphyses of the thumb.

An investigation by Harris & Joseph (1949) into variations in the degree of extension at the joints of the thumb gave an opportunity of studying racial and sexual differences in the incidence of

Sesamoid periostitis in the thumb in Reiter's syndrome. Case report.

The first reported case of periostitis of a sesamoid bone in Reiter’s syndrome is presented and a review of the English literature revealed no specific description or pictorial presentation.

The case of the wandering sesamoid and other sesamoid afflictions.

Differences between sesamoid fracture and partition are discussed, and roentgen criteria established, while other radiographically demonstrable sESamoid pathology is illustrated.

The Sesamoid Bones of the Hand: a Skiagraphic Confirmation of the Work done by Pfitzner.

  • E. Fawcett
  • History
    Journal of anatomy and physiology
  • 1896
"THE sesamoid bones were quite well known to the ancient anatomists; and Soemerring, in his osteology, has given us a good description of them. "In our time they have been carefully studied by

Hand measurements in acromegaly.

  • H. Anton
  • Biology, Medicine
    Clinical radiology
  • 1972

Validity of the sesamoid index in the diagnosis of acromegaly.

It was found that a substantial overlap of values exists between the two groups and that the range of values for both groups is substantially wider than previous studies have indicated.

Virus-like particles in paraspinal muscle in scoliosis.

The morphology of the paraxial muscles of patients with scoliosis and controls is currently being investigated in greater detail, and Associated changes in the sarcoplasm included swelling of mitochondria, presence of lipid droplets, and vesicular structures.

Fracture of a sesamoid bone of the thumb; report of a case.