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The Semantic Web" in Scientific American

  title={The Semantic Web" in Scientific American},
  author={Tim Berners-Lee and James A. Hendler and Ora Lassila},

List.MID: A MIDI-Based Benchmark for RDF Lists

This paper describes the List.MID benchmark, a systematic benchmark for evaluating systems serving RDF lists, and discusses its impact and adoption, reusability, design, and availability.

Metamodel transformations between UML and OWL

A bidirectional metamodel based transformation tool between UML and OWL is implemented to contribute to a better understanding of to what extent it is possible to automatically transform UML models into OWL ontologies and vice versa.

Automatic generation of relational to ontology mapping correspondences

Anna: A Virtual Assistant to Interact with Puglia Digital Library

This paper shows how to interact with the Puglia Digital Library by means of a virtual assistant and how, thanks to its publication as Linked Open Data, it is possible to easily integrate it on-the-fly with external knowledge sources such as geographical ones.

Chitchat on the Nile about Using Similarity Measures to Evaluate Biomedical Ontology Records

Five binary similarity and distance measures are applied on seven ontology records to evaluate the usage accuracy of relationships part_of and located_in and found that aligning the definition and use of biomedical terminologies with accurate definition andUse will improve the efficiency of the biomedical ontologies.

Space- and Time-Efficient String Dictionaries

This work develops novel string dictionaries based on double-array tries and proposes how to improve the high construction costs of applying Re-Pair by introducing an alternative compression strategy using dictionary encoding.

Towards Blending Semantics with an Education Based Ontology Using Protege 5.2.0 A Revisit

  • Swati TanwarSaay Kumar Malik
  • Computer Science
    2018 8th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence)
  • 2018
This paper presents a revisit towards amalgamating Semantics in Education, an effort to construct an Education based Ontology using Protege 5.2.0, where a hierarchy of classes and subclasses have been defined along with their properties, relations, and instances.

Surveying the Expanding Cyberscape of New and Evolving Digital Learning Technologies —A Review of Recent Advances in Three Creative Focus Areas of Digital Learning Design and Development Impacting the Field of Education

This article presents an overview and review of recent advances in digital teaching and learning technologies—advances that collectively represent an emergent period of breakthrough “digital

Evaluation of Linked, Open Data Sources for Mining Adverse Drug Reaction Signals

This paper presents the design, the challenges and an evaluation of a Linked Data model to be used in the context of a platform exploiting social media and bibliographic data sources, focusing on the application of Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) signal identification.

Semantic communication between components for smart factories based on oneM2M

This paper argues that the oneM2M standard offers the required functionalities by allowing the use of Semantic Web technologies to formally describe interactions and exchanged information and starts to validate the idea by extending an existing implementation in this regard.