The Selling of Adolf Hitler: David Irving's Hitler's War

  title={The Selling of Adolf Hitler: David Irving's Hitler's War},
  author={Charles W. Sydnor},
  journal={Central European History},
  pages={169 - 199}
  • C. W. Sydnor
  • Published 1 June 1979
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  • Central European History
In the last decade the field of studies focusing on Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist period of German history has been invaded and nearly overrun by an international throng of journalists, essayists, memoirists, apologists, cultists, and hucksters busily engaged in advancing various interpretations, analyses, and portraits of Hitler. Among this group who are not scholars or professional historians, there seems a wide disparity of ability and expertise and an obvious dissimilarity of… 
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Hitler in a Social Context

  • M. Kater
  • History
    Central European History
  • 1981
In recent years the biographical literature about Adolf Hitler has continued to grow. Publications centering on the Führer of the Nazi party are now so numerous that not long ago, one reputable

Auschwitz and the Archives

THERE has been an outpouring of recent scholarship on the Nazi regime's murder of five to six million Jews, and on Western reaction to this "Final Solution of the Jewish question." Some writers

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"From the Editors," 3 Lipgens, Walter, "European Federation in the Political Thought of Resistance Movements during World War II," 5-19 Schmitt, Hans A., "Count Beust and Germany, 1866-1870:

“Holocaust Denial on Trial”: An Analysis of Deborah Lipstadt’s Approach

Analysing the methods of countering Holocaust denial in a comparative manner proves a most helpful platform to assess historical methodology and practice. This research seeks to evaluate the

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Foam on the Hitler Wave

  • R. Binion
  • History
    The Journal of Modern History
  • 1974
In one German historian's words of 1960: "There was and is no National Socialism apart from Hitler."' This is true-and a corollary is that Germany without Hitler, however un-Nazi, has not necessarily

The War Against the Jews, 1933-45

The systematic destruction of six million Jews, carried out by the German state under Adolf Hitler during the Second World War, is still almost impossible to comprehend. In this extraordinary book

The Destruction of the European Jews

First published in 1961, Raul Hilberg's comprehensive account of how Germany annihilated the Jewish community of Europe spurred discussion, galvanised further research, and shaped the entire field of

Hitler and his Court

Now that the New Order is past, and the Thousand-Year Reich has crumbled in a decade, we are able at last, picking among the still-smoking rubble, to discover the truth about that fantastic and

The Last Days of Hitler

In September 1945 the fate of Adolf Hitler was a complete mystery. He had simply disappeared, and had been missing for four months. Hugh Trevor-Roper, an intelligence officer, was given the task of

Inside the Third Reich

The author was a personal friend of Adolf Hitler for 12 years until he turned against him. This is an inside account of The Third Reich and the man who invented it.


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