The Seleukid Royal Economy by G. G. Aperghis

  title={The Seleukid Royal Economy by G. G. Aperghis},
  author={G. G. Aperghis},
The Position and Function of Colonies and Poleis in the Seleucid Economic System
هدیکچ یاــه هاگیاپ داــجیا هــب رــجنم ،یــناریا عاــبتا رــب طلــست هــب نآ زاــین و قرــش رد نایکولــس ورــملق یگدرتــسگ .دــش یقرــش یاه نیمزرــس نورد رد ترــجاهم هــ ب یــ نودقم-ینانوی عاــ بتاExpand
Demoscopy and Demography
  • J. Wiesehöfer
  • Geography
  • A Companion to the Achaemenid Persian Empire
  • 2021
Hellenistic agricultural economies at Ashkelon, Southern Levant
Agricultural economies of the Hellenistic era (323–30 bce) are poorly understood from primary plant and animal remains despite the extent of sites and rich historical records dating to this period.Expand


Price Behavior in Ancient Babylon
Abstract This article analyzes the longest continuous price data from the ancient world, which come from ancient Babylon and stretch from almost 500 BCE to beyond 100 BCE. The analysis confirms theExpand
Dating Methods during the Early Hellenistic Period
  • T. Boiy
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
  • 2000
During the Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid periods, cuneiform documents were dated by numbered royal regnal years. The same method was used after Alexander conquered the Achaemenid Empire. Because ofExpand
Prices in Hellenistic Babylonia
A record of prices of basic commodities from Hellenistic Babylonia, even though incomplete, provides unusually detailed information about economic conditions there. From these prices, particularlyExpand
Storehouses and Systems At Persepolis
The Achaemenid financial administration at Persepolis controlled a network of commodity storehouses. This paper demonstrates how the Fortification Tablets from this location reveal the method ofExpand
Archaeological Sources for the History of Palestine: Between Large Forces: Palestine in the Hellenistic Period
Most historical reconstructions of the Hellenistic period narrate the epoch's inaugural and subsequent military clashes, from the Alexandrian conquest through Ptolemaic and Seleucid struggles, fromExpand
From Monarchy to Markets: The Phoenicians in Hellenistic Palestine
  • Andrea M. Berlin
  • History
  • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 1997
Outside of a few scattered inscriptions and historical references, little information exists concerning Phoenician activities in Hellenistic Palestine. Now, however, a ceramic ware of demonstrablyExpand
Hypaspistes, peltastes, chrysaspides, argyraspides, chalcaspides
Dans les armees hellenistiques, agema des hypaspistes, peltastes, chrysaspides, argyraspides et chalcaspides sont des corps d'infanterie equivalents : en depit de certaines theses qui prevalentExpand