The Secret to the Success of K-Pop: The Benefits of Well-Balanced Copyrights

  title={The Secret to the Success of K-Pop: The Benefits of Well-Balanced Copyrights},
  author={Jimmyn Parc and Patrick Messerlin and Hwy-Chang Moon},
The Digital Transformation of the Korean Music Industry and the Global Emergence of K-Pop
There are a number of voices who blame digitization for having a number of negative effects on the music industry including a decline in album sales, copyright infringement, unfair royalty payments,
The Phenomenon and Development of K-Pop: The Relationship between Success Factors of K-Pop and the National Image, Social Network Service Citizenship Behavior, and Tourist Behavioral Intention
This study aims to understand the impact of six success factors of K-pop on the national image of Korea perceived by global viewers and SNS citizenship behavior. In addition, this study seeks to
From the Screen Quota to Cultural Cooperation: Preferential Trade Agreements
Popular culture influences on national image and tourism behavioural intention: An exploratory study
This study aimed to examine the relationships between popular culture (success factors of K-pop) and international tourist behavioural intention, and the role of national image in that relationship.
Success Factors and Sustainability of the K-Pop Industry: A Structural Equation Model and Fuzzy Set Analysis
As the popularity of K-pop grows, the industry is contributing to the positive perceptions of South Korea’s overall national brand value. This has led to it being considered a strategic industry
Aggressive yet benign: Korea’s engagement in creative industries in Africa
ABSTRACT Korea’s global strategy of disseminating its audio-visual products (AVPs) reflects developmentalism driven by short-term commercial motivation. In Africa, however, the Korean government
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Why is it that we think of K-pop idols as more globally successful than J-pop idols? In this article, I examine the production, distribution and media reception of the South Korean and Japanese idol
The true impact of shorter and longer copyright durations: from authors’ earnings to cultural creativity and diversity
ABSTRACT In the mainstream, there has been a strong advocacy to prolong copyright duration. This makes it an important task to rigorously examine if a longer copyright duration is helpful in
Evaluating the Effects of Protectionism on the Film Industry: A Case Study Analysis of Korea
This chapter assesses whether Korean film policies have been instrumental for the success of the Korean film industry. The major finding of this analysis is that protectionist policies in the film


The Success of K-pop: How Big and Why So Fast?
Over the past decade, a specific form of Korean popular music—K-pop—has enjoyed huge success around the world. Previous explanations have mostly focused on the demand side, such as intra-Asian
The effects of protection in cultural industries: the case of the Korean film policies
This paper assesses whether Korean film policies, particularly protectionist ones, have been instrumental in the success of the Korean film industry. The conclusion is, surprisingly at a first
Articles : From B2C to B2B: Selling Korean Pop Music in the Age of New Social Media
The once prevailing myth held among scholars of East Asian Studies that Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, was over has now lost much of its credibility, as Korean TV dramas continue to attract and maintain
An eclectic approach to enhancing the competitive advantage of nations : analyzing the success factors of East Asian economies with a focus on the development of South Korea
Les theories economiques existantes se concentrent sur les avantages que possede chaque pays en tant que facteurs essentiels pour le developpement. Cependant, le succes sans precedent des economies
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Do culture and commerce conflict? The assumption that trade is incompatible with cultural diversity has disrupted economic liberalization, distorted world trade law, and caused lasting damage to
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Abstract The Korean wave, which is the popularity of Korean entertainment outside Korea, is a fairly new phenomenon. Encompassing Korean dramas, films, and songs, it has been highlighted by
Location, Competition, and Economic Development: Local Clusters in a Global Economy
Economic geography during an era of global competition involves a paradox. It is widely recognized that changes in technology and competition have diminished many of the traditional roles of