The Secret Life of An Aborigine Memoirs of Shane Coghill, Goenpul Man: Quandamooka Stories as Heritage

  title={The Secret Life of An Aborigine Memoirs of Shane Coghill, Goenpul Man: Quandamooka Stories as Heritage},
  author={Shane Coghill},
Stories told to us by our family members, and stories that we tell inside and beyond our families not only become ‘our heritage’, but are integral to our sense of self. As ‘Aborigines’ (Indigenous, or First Nation peoples) our stories also become a form of resistance to the taking on of identities based on stories told about us by writers (historians, anthropologists, journalists) from cultures other than our own. The argument of this thesis is that strategies of colonisation – oppression… Expand


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Australia: a continuing genocide?
  • D. Short
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of genocide research
  • 2010
It is argued that the contemporary expression of continuing genocidal relations in Australia can be seen principally, and perversely, in the colonial state's official reconciliation process, native title land rights regime and the recent interventionist ‘solutions’ to indigenous ‘problems’ in the Northern Territory. Expand
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