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The Second main theorem of holomorphic maps on spherically symmetric K\"ahler manifolds

  title={The Second main theorem of holomorphic maps on spherically symmetric K\"ahler manifolds},
  author={Xianjing Dong and Peichu Hu},
  • Xianjing Dong, Peichu Hu
  • Published 26 October 2021
  • Mathematics
Spherically symmetric manifolds are one class of important Riemannian models in mathematics and physics which includes the most common spaces such as Euclidean spaces, balls and spheres, etc.. In this paper, we consider the Nevanlinna theory concerning value distribution of holomorphic maps from a spherically symmetric Kähler manifold into a complex projective manifold under the assumption that the dimension of sources is not less than one of targets. In our settings, a Second Main Theorem is… 


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