The Second Sexism

  title={The Second Sexism},
  author={David Benatar},
  journal={Social Theory and Practice},
  • D. Benatar
  • Published 1 May 2003
  • Psychology
  • Social Theory and Practice
ID societies in which sex discrimination has been recognized to be wrong, the assault on this form of discrimination has targeted those attitudes and practices that (directly) disadvantage women and girls. At the most, there has been only scant attention to those manifestations of sex discrimination of which the primary victims are men and boys. What little recogiiition there has been of discrimination against males has very rarely resulted in amelioration. For these reasons, we might refer to… 


I propose, defend and illustrate a principle of gender justice meant to capture the nature of a variety of injustices based on gender: A society is gender just only if the costs of a gender-neutral

Abusive Women, Male and Female Victims. A Discourse at the Margin

This chapter explores the counter-discourse speaking about female violence (or violence done by women). The aim of this chapter is to illuminate meanings that are missed in the dominant gender-shaped

How does anybody live in this strange place? A reply to Samantha Vice

Abstract Samantha Vice has argued that ‘white’ South Africans are so tainted by the history of racial oppression in their country that they are incapable of attaining a great degree of moral virtue.

‘Femminicidio’, Gender Identity, and Feminism Contested. A Narrative of Ideology

This chapter is dedicated to what I call ‘ideology narrative’, that is to say a narrative oriented around the concept of ideology applied to three different objects: the ‘femminicidio’ narrative,

Three Hypotheses for Explaining the So-Called Oppression of Men

Are men oppressed as men? The evidence given in support of affirmative responses to this question usually consists in examples of harms, limitations, or requirements masculinity imposes on men: men

Barriers to Success: Disadvantages of Gender Normative Language to Women in STEM

Cultural ideals of gender normativity creates stereotypes that lead to the identification of specific occupations as being male-oriented or female-oriented, further perpetuating institutional sexism.

Is it defensible for women to play fewer sets than men in grand slam tennis?

Abstract Lacking in the philosophy of sport is discussion of the gendered numbers of sets played in Grand Slam tennis. We argue that the practice is indefensible. It can be upheld only through false

Exploring Ethnic Diversity on Managerial Choices in Nigeria.

Exploring Ethnic Diversity on Managerial Choices in Nigeria. by Henry O. Imoni MBA, Manchester Business School, 2013 BS, Usmanu Dan Fodio University, 1989 Dissertation Submitted in Partial

Editorial: is masculinity toxic?

In January of this year, the American Psychological Association (APA), released guidelines on working with men and boys, and specifically how to deal with those who adhere to notions of ‘traditiona...

Health, economics, and feminism : on judging fairness and reform

It is found that women live longer than men, while men have more power, influence and resources, and probably better health-related quality of life, than women.