The Second European Conference on Zebrafish Genetics and Development


Less than five years ago, the zebrafish swam into the limelight as a model genetic organism, with the description of hundreds of mutant phenotypes from screens in Boston and Tübingen (Development 123, 1996). Since that time, much of the zebrafish research community has focussed on identifying the chemically-induced mutations responsible for these phenotypes and on improving zebrafish genomic tools and resources. Other researchers have embarked on new mutant screens, while still others have continued to exploit the amenability of zebrafish embryos to surgical manipulation and microscopic imaging to address questions at the cellular level. Annual conferences on zebrafish development and genetics have provided impressive snapshots of the progress made in these various directions and others, and this year’s Second European Conference on Zebrafish Genetics and Development, which took place from April 19–22 at University College of London, was no exception.

DOI: 10.1002/cfg.87

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