The Second Crusade: Extending the Frontiers of Christendom

  title={The Second Crusade: Extending the Frontiers of Christendom},
  author={Laurence W. Marvin},
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The Second CrusadeDie KreuzzügeLivland – eine Region am Ende der Welt? / Livonia – a Region at the End of the World?The Miraculous and the Writing of Crusade NarrativePontifexMiracles, Political Authority and Violence in Medieval and Early Modern HistoryKreuzzüge des Mittelalters und der NeuzeitThe Crusades, 1095-1204La Papauté et les croisades / The Papacy and the CrusadesByzantium and the CrusadesCrusadersThe Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare and Military TechnologyThe World of the… Expand
Jerusalem Afflicted
of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem calling on King Philip IV of Spain to undertake a crusade to ‘liberate’ the Holy Land. Jerusalem Afflicted: Quaresmius, Spain, and the Idea of a 17th-centuryExpand
Remembering the First Crusade : Latin narrative histories, 1099-c.1300
The success of the First Crusade by the Christian armies caught the interest and arrested the imagination of contemporaries, stimulating the production of a large number of historical narratives.Expand
Palpable Politics and Embodied Passions:Terracotta Tableau Sculpture in Italy, 1450-1530
Polychrome terracotta tableau sculpture is one of the most unique genres of 15thcentury Italian Renaissance sculpture. In particular, Lamentation tableaux by Niccolò dell’Arca and Guido Mazzoni, withExpand
Fighting for the Cross: Crusading to the Holy Land
In a series of massive military undertakings that stretched from 1095 to 1291, Christendom's armies won, defended, and lost the sacred sites of the Holy Land. Many books have been written about theExpand
Diogenes 1 complete without cover _final_
Regardless of historical era or geographical region , the human mind has always embraced certain stereotypes with respect to other nationalities, religions and cultures. These stereotypes areExpand
The development of the use and the origins of the modern trust : Maitland's thesis, the crusades, and beyond
This thesis advances a new theory to explain the origin of the use in English law. It defines a use, in the absence of consensus about definition, as occurring when a person (the feoffor) makes anExpand
Military Orders Between Territorialization and Periphery from the 12th to the 16th Century
Military orders have historically played a key role in defining borders, both in a mental sense, by favouring an awareness of alterity in the most peripheral territories (Christians against MuslimsExpand
The Challenges of Medieval Communication: The Military Orders
It is the thesis of this study that research into medieval communication, its audiences, purposes, and channels, plays a central role in a better understanding of the crusades. The Military OrdersExpand
Four Frankish gravestones from medieval Ephesus
Abstract This paper presents and discusses four Latin tombstones relating to Italian residents of medieval Ephesus that have been recovered from properties on the terrace of Ayasuluk (Selçuk), nearExpand
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