The Search for the ‘Origins’ of Melayu

  title={The Search for the ‘Origins’ of Melayu},
  author={Leonard Yuzon Andaya},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
  pages={315 - 330}
  • L. Andaya
  • Published 1 October 2001
  • Linguistics
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
Based on linguistic, archaeological, and historical evidence, this essay describes the environment that produced the culture associated with the ‘Melayu’, or the Malays. It also argues that Melayu ethnicity was never predetermined but was contested on both sides of the Straits of Melaka. 

Rizal and the rethinking of the analytics of Malayness

ABSTRACT This paper revisits Jose Rizal’s thoughts relevant to the Malays to extract insights and implications that may be useful in rethinking the parameters of the ongoing debates on Malayness. I

East Africa: The Emergence of a Pre-Swahili Culture on the Azanian Coast

As has been the case for Southeast Asia, the way in which historians regard the birth and expansion of the coastal cultures of East Africa has changed significantly in recent years. Archaeology has

A History of Trade in the Sea of Melayu

  • L. Andaya
  • History, Environmental Science
  • 2000
The first reference to a ‘Sea of Melayu’ is from an Arabic document dated c. 1000, which noted that travellers ‘reaching the Sea of Melayu, were approaching the area of China’. While the location of

The meaning of race in Malaysia: Colonial, post-colonial and possible new conjunctures

New transitions – and tensions – in Malaysian society have created a much-needed space for critical reflection on the meaning of race. They have also provided the impetus to rethink the dominant

An Incoherent Empire: Environment, imperial networks, and administrative disorder in British Malaya, 1786-1930s

Many environmental histories of British Malaya have focused on the economic activities of rubber planting and tin mining, as well as their effects. In this thesis, however, I move away from these

East Africa: Dawn of the Swahili Culture

From a linguistic point of view, the “Zanjian” phase appears to be marked not only by a differentiation of the “Proto-Sabaki” language (spoken by Bantus settling between the Tana River and

Hybridity and harmony

Nineteenth-century British writers made frequent observations on Malay music, which are preserved in multiple forms of ethnographic writings and travel accounts, as well as dictionaries and

Imperial Alchemy: Nationalism and Political Identity in Southeast Asia

The mid-twentieth century marked one of the greatest watersheds of Asian history, when a range of imperial constructs were declared to be nation-states, either by revolution or decolonisation.

India: The Birth of a New Core


The origins of Malay architecture is typically linked to its vernacular past and vocabulary, primarily  expressed  in  its residential  timber traditions and  arising from its detailed timber

Palembang and Sriwjaya: an early Malay Harbour-City rediscovered

L'existence d'une administration complexe gouvernant l'Asie insulaire du Sud Est entre les VII et XIIIeme siecles et connue sous le nom de Sriwijaya suggere de nombreuses controverses. Difficile a

Miscellaneous Papers

  • T. Sebeok
  • Education
    International Journal of American Linguistics
  • 1947
Scope and content: Autograph letter from a young woman named Delia, living near Windsor, Missouri, to her cousin Gus, (R. A. Park) in Cedron , Ohio. Delia is a school teacher, not currently working

Aceh's Contribution to Standards of Malayness

L.Y. Andaya Cet article cherche a montrer, ce qu'on a longtemps meconnu, qu'Aceh a ete un important Etat malais, dans la lignee de Srivijaya et de Melaka. A son apogee, il offrait un nouveau modele

Takuapa: The Probable Site of a Pre-Malaccan Entrepot in the Malay Peninsula

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  • 1964

The Bujang Valley

  • Encyclopedia of Malaysia

Hindoe-Javaansche Geschiedenis ('s-Gravenhage: Martinus Nijhoff, 1931)

    From Prehistory to Protohistory' , and 'Wider Contacts in Protohistoric Times

    • The Encyclopedia of Malaysia
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    Sejarah Melayu or 'Malay Annals' , A Translation of Raffles MS 18

    • JMBRAS
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    This is known as the Winstedt version, named for the man who published it in printed Jawi in 1938. C. C. Brown published a romanised version in 1952

    • Sejarah Melayu: The Malay Annals
    • 1938