The Search for a Planet beyond Neptune

  title={The Search for a Planet beyond Neptune},
  author={Morton Grosser},
  pages={163 - 183}
N February 18, 1930, an assistant of the Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff, Arizona, found two tiny images 3.5 mm. apart on a pair of plates he was examining in a blink microscope. The dots were the photographic records of a moving object; their separation indicated that it was very distant, beyond the orbit of Neptune. The object was Pluto, the ninth planet of the solar system, and in finding it Clyde Tombaugh accomplished what his predecessors had been trying to do for more than eighty years… 

The planet nine hypothesis

Popper, Refutation and 'Avoidance' of Refutation

Popper's account of refutation is the linchpin of his famous view that the method of science is the method of conjecture and refutation. This thesis critically examines his account of refutation, and

A Complete Bibliography of Publications in Isis, 1960{1969

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The Discovery of 58 Reaves , Gibson , " Kourganoff ' s contribu - Pluto , " Monthly Notices of the Royal Astro - tions to the history of the discovery of Pluto

  • 1931