The Search for Insulin

  title={The Search for Insulin},
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  • I. Murray
  • Published 1 August 1969
  • Medicine
  • Scottish Medical Journal

Pancreatic Extracts for the Treatment of Diabetes (1889-1914): Acomatol.

The organotherapy of diabetes was a paradigm for the integration of basic and applied knowledge about hormone action and development of endocrine pharmacology and demonstrated that diabetes is a pancreatic disease.

Nicolae Constantin Paulescu: the first explicit description of the internal secretion of the pancreas.

Nicolae Constantin Paulescu thought that a new hormone - Pancreine, that he discovered is the key element in the treatment of diabetes, but his outstanding research was unfairly neglected.

Diabetes mellitus: a complete ancient and modern historical perspective

This review aims to explore the timeline of diabetes journey, and correct the inconsistencies in the historical perspectives of diabetes with intent to project the future.

Agmatine: clinical applications after 100 years in translation.

[The discovery of insulin: continued controversies after ninety years].

A tale of two hormones

A little more than a century ago, an arc of research began that culminated in the identification of insulin by four scientists working in Toronto, which changed the treatment of diabetes forever by providing a hormonal treatment from the pancreas that could rapidly restore bedridden, cachectic and moribund children and young adults to healthy lives.

Human cerebral neuropathology of Type 2 diabetes mellitus.



Address in Physiology


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Memories of James Bertram Collip.

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His administrative years during the war as Chairman of the Associate Committee for Medical Research of the National Research Council were followed by his term of office as chairman of a newly created Division of Medical Research after World War II.

[Internal secretion].

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    Monatsschrift fur Kinderheilkunde
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Internal Secretion and the Ductless Glands

Internal Secretion and the Ductless Glands is a lucid and terse account of the recent progress of science, and in ferreting out the 3000 or more references which deal with it, the author has laid us under a deep debt of gratitude.

The internal secretion of the pancreas.

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The pancreas has lent itself admirably to this procedure in the case of both internal and external secretions and is considered for consideration in a consideration of the therapeutics of pancreatic cancer.