The Search for American Political Development

  title={The Search for American Political Development},
  author={Karen Orren and Stephen Skowronek},
1. The historical construction of politics 2. Unraveling the premise: the cultural critique 3. The institutional turn: rethinking order and change in time: 4. Political development: the definition 5. Political development: the issue. 
Ideas and the Spiral of Politics: The Place of American Political Thought in American Political Development
Much important work on American political development does not feature the study of political ideas. This article sketches a general framework of how politics proceeds, the “spiral of politics.” It
The Historical Turn in Democratization Studies
Special double issue (Aug/Sept 2010) of Comparative Political Studies on theory and methodology of the study of democratic institutions, their genesis and development, in the European context.
The Political Foundations of Legal Theory: Political Realignment and the Legal Marketplace of Ideas
Thesis (Ph.D.), School of Politics, Philosophy & Public Affairs, Washington State University
The Politics of Studying Politics: Political Science Since the 1960s
The field of political science has undergone significant change since the 1960s. The major shift was toward far greater quantification in the scholarly analyses. That movement sparked enduring
What Is Political Development? A Constitutional Perspective
  • G. Thomas
  • Political Science
    The Review of Politics
  • 2011
Abstract Development approaches to the study of politics, precisely because they focus on movement through time, seem uniquely positioned to illuminate the logic and experience of the polity in a
The Tragedy in American Political Thought
I argue that, especially if we want to consider what the study of American political thought has to offer the study of American political development, we must look at the use that American political
Civil Rights and the Making of the Modern American State
1. Rethinking civil rights and American political development 2. The birth of the NAACP, mob violence, and the challenge of public opinion 3. The unsteady march into the Oval Office 4. Anti-lynching
Present at the Creation: The State in Early American Political History
Abstract:Recent historical literature on the early American state shows that collective energy, programmatic action, and instrumental approaches to public authority were all present at the creation.
The American Ballot Box in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Preface 1. Introduction 2. Structure and practice of elections 3. Social construction of identity in Eastern rural communities 4. Ethno-cultural stereotypes and voting in large cities 5. Frontier
Bringing contention in: a critical perspective on political parties as institutions
Abstract Scholars working in the analytic traditions of Historical Institutionalism (HI) and American Political Development (APD) have increasingly turned their attention to the role of political