The Sea Nomads: A Study Based on the Literature of the Maritime Boat People of Southeast Asia.

  title={The Sea Nomads: A Study Based on the Literature of the Maritime Boat People of Southeast Asia.},
  author={James D. Clarkson},
  journal={The Journal of Asian Studies},
  pages={920 - 921}
  • J. Clarkson
  • Published 1 August 1968
  • Art
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
stele from Muong Fa Daed. Or (p. 154), "Unfortunate attempts were made (in the Bangkok period) to imitate the Khmer styles of sculpture." All styles were copied in that eclectic period, not merely the Khmer. Laos is covered in exactly 554" of text, and none of it is very informative. "There were no stone buildings" (p. 155). Wat Phu in Champassak is a large and important stone temple compound. He also makes the sweeping statement, "Buddhist images are all crude versions of Ayuthia style" (p… 

The Culture of Outrigger Boat in the Malay Archipelago: A Maritime Perspective

ABSTRACT: Many discussions by the Western scholars on the history of traditional boats in the Malay archipelago focus on one specific territory or country. Apparently, there has been no effort in

From the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean: Medieval History in Geographic Perspective

  • A. Wink
  • History
    Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2002
It is widely acknowledged that Orientalist notions of political economy were marred by geographic determinism. From Marx to Wittfogel, generic concepts such as the “Asiatic mode of production,” the

The art of not being governed : an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia

From the acclaimed author and scholar James C. Scott, the compelling tale of Asian peoples who until recently have stemmed the vast tide of state-making to live at arm's length from any organized

A maritime cultural landscape of Cochinchina: The South China Sea, maritime routes, navigation, and boats in pre colonial central Vietnam

This thesis depicts aspects of maritime life along the coast of central Vietnam, Cochinchina, between the 16th and the 19th centuries. The aim of the thesis is to provide a general understanding of

Review: The role of local belief and wisdom of the Bajo community in marine conservation efforts

Abstract. Maulidyna A, Hartawan BS, Agustin HN, Irfan AN, Septiasari A, Utina R, Setyawan AD. 2019. Review: The role of local belief and wisdom of the Bajo Community in marine conservation efforts.

Urak Lawoi - A Field Study of an Indigenous People in Thailand and their Problems with Rapid Tourist Development

This essay is about Urak Lawoi, an indigenous people in Andaman Sea outside the West Coast of Thailand. The study shows what has happened to them when being deprived of their territory and forced to

Understanding Identity and Diaspora: The Case of the Sama-Bajau of Maritime Southeast Asia

The Sama-Bajau or the Sinama-speaking peoples are deemed to be the most widely dispersed indigenous ethno-linguistic group in maritime Southeast Asia.  The Sama-Bajau “diaspora,” which constitute a

Cosmology and World-View among the Bajau: The Supernatural Beliefs and Cultural Evolution

The focal objective of this paper is to elucidate the cosmology and world-view among the Bajau society by focusing on certain symbols in death rituals namely the bangkai-bangkaian, duang and ngeduang

The Malayic-speaking Orang Laut; Dialects and directions for research

Southeast Asia is home to many distinct groups of sea nomads, some of which are known collectively as Orang (Suku) Laut. Those located between Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula are all

The Danao Languages : Magindanaon, Iranun Maranao, and Illanun

0. INTRODUCTION The three Danao1 languages of Mindanao—Magindanaon,2 Iranun, and Maranao—together with the Illanun of Sabah have long been recognized as possessing a close genetic relationship 3