The Screening and Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders

  title={The Screening and Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders},
  author={Pauline A. Filipek and Pasquale J. Accardo and Grace T. Baranek and Edwin H. Cook and Geraldine Dawson and Barry Gordon and Judith S. Gravel and Chris Plauché Johnson and Ronald J. Kallen and Susan E. Levy and Nancy J. Minshew and Barry M. Prizant and Isabelle Rapin and Sally J. Rogers and Wendy L Stone and Stuart W. Teplin and Roberto F. Tuchman and Fred R Volkmar},
  journal={Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders},
The Child Neurology Society and American Academy of Neurology recently proposed to formulate Practice Parameters for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of Autism for their memberships. This endeavor was expanded to include representatives from nine professional organizations and four parent organizations, with liaisons from the National Institutes of Health. This document was written by this multidisciplinary Consensus Panel after systematic analysis of over 2,500 relevant scientific articles in the… 

The screening and diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders.

Specific detailed recommendations for each level have been established in this document, which are intended to improve the rate of early suspicion and diagnosis of, and therefore early intervention for, autism.

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorders in Flemish Day-Care Centres with the Checklist for Early Signs of Developmental Disorders

A new screening instrument for ASD was developed that can be filled out by child care workers: the Checklist for Early Signs of Developmental Disorders (CESDD). The predictive validity of the CESDD

Medical investigation of children with autistic spectrum disorders.

A review of studies that have directed investigation strategies for children with autistic spectrum disorders to date is outlined, and how these might be applied in the clinical situation is discussed.

Clinical considerations in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders

Various factors to be considered in the screening of autism, early features of presentation relevant to assessment and diagnosis, subtypes or different syndromes ithin the spectrum of autistic conditions including Asperger syndrome, the differential diagnosis from learning and language disorders and the medical and behavioural commonly associated disorders are discussed.

Early assessment and diagnosis of children

This chapter will review the evidence for ASD, the epidemiology and prevalence of these disorders and consider (using the framework of the National Autism Plan for Children) a range of assessment and diagnostic procedures including the use of the best estimate clinical diagnosis for clinical and research practice.

Autism: a review of the state of the science for pediatric primary health care clinicians.

Pediatric primary health care clinicians have an important role in both the early identification and ongoing management of children with autism, and it is, therefore, essential that primary care clinicians having up-to-date information about the science of autism.

Epidemiological findings of pervasive developmental disorders in a Venezuelan study

The study determined the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders for children receiving services in Maracaibo County, Venezuela with an ASD prevalence of 1.7 per 1000 should alert the health and education authorities to the need to reassess the services available for children with these disorders and their families.

Brief Report: Emerging Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Hong Kong (1960–2004)

The historical emergence of a model of services for children with autism in Hong Kong arose because of increasing awareness, increasing prevalence, and pressure from parents and support groups.

An Assessment of Autism Knowledge in the Medical Field

General findings indicated few differences in overall knowledge between residents and physicians, with misconceptions evident in areas such as the nature of the disorder, qualitative characteristics of autism, and effective interventions.



A prevalence study of autism in tuberous sclerosis

The estimated prevalence from this study of autism in TSC is 1 in 4 children in general, and 1 in 2 of those with mental retardation.

Autism Screening and Diagnostic Evaluation: CAN Consensus Statement

These recommendations were formulated using the best information currently available and are likely to be modified as the results of additional studies become available; however, they provide a useful tool for clinicians involved in the management of children with autism and related developmental abnormalities.

National Society for Autistic Children definition of the syndrome of autism.

It is helpful for the new student of autism to know the clinical and research basis from which the definition of the syndrome has been evolved, as well as the limits of applying the findings on such subsamples to other autistic children.

Diagnosing the 'strange' child.

periodic re-evaluations of the school-age child with problem behaviour are necessary to insure that more significant pathologies, which were not clear on initial evaluation, are diagnosed at the earliest opportunity.

Genetic Counseling in Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders

  • E. Simonoff
  • Psychology
    Journal of autism and developmental disorders
  • 1998
A protocol for genetic counseling is described, along with the key elements that influence the recurrence risks given to individual couples.

Childhood disintegrative disorder: results of the DSM-IV autism field trial.

  • F. VolkmarM. Rutter
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • 1995
The available data suggest that CDD cases can be differentiated from those with autism; these two groups appear to differ in important ways.

Rett syndrome and the autistic disorders.

Field trial for autistic disorder in DSM-IV.

Modifications in the ICD-10 definition of autism were made based on data obtained regarding 977 patients with the following clinician-assigned diagnoses: autism, other pervasive developmental disorders, and other disorders.

Assessment of the Young Autistic Child

This chapter will cover issues and methods in the assessment of preschoolers with autism and related severe disorders of communication. Aspects of diagnosis will be reviewed as a backdrop to a review