The Scope of Cardiac Surgery at a National Cardiothoracic Center of Excellence (NCTCE) in Nigeria: A 3-Year Review

  title={The Scope of Cardiac Surgery at a National Cardiothoracic Center of Excellence (NCTCE) in Nigeria: A 3-Year Review},
  author={Nwafor Ia and J. C. Eze and Chijioke H. Anyanwu and Ndubueze Ezemba and Onyia Uoc and Enwerem Nu and Nwafor Mn and Jm Chinawa and Bennedict Anisuba},
  journal={Journal of Vascular Medicine \& Surgery},
Background: The heart with its intrinsic and indispensable function is a vital organ in the human body. Surgical management of diseases affecting it was initially thought to be incompatible with life. Surgeons who desired the respect of their colleagues were barred from operating on the heart, on the ground that human knowledge is very limited in that area. This notion was however changed in 1893 when laceration in the left ventricle was successfully repaired at Chicago Provident Hospital in… 

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