The Schwarzschild black hole in f(R) exist superradiation phenomenon

  title={The Schwarzschild black hole in f(R) exist superradiation phenomenon},
  author={Wen-Xiang Chen},
  journal={SSRN Electronic Journal},
  • Wen-Xiang Chen
  • Published 27 September 2021
  • Physics
  • SSRN Electronic Journal
For the relationship of the limit $y$ of the incident particle under the superradiance of the preset boundary (${\mu} = {y}{\omega}$)and the limit $y$ of the incident particle under the Hawking radiation of the preset boundary (${y}{\mu} ={\omega}$),we find the relationship between black hole thermodynamics and superradiation, and use boundary conditions to establish the relationship between y and R. We find that the black hole energy and momentum tensor is transformed into an effective… 



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Superradiant phenomena Lessons from and for Bose-Einstein condensates