The Sanctuary of Artemis at Sardis: Preliminary Report, 2002–2012

  title={The Sanctuary of Artemis at Sardis: Preliminary Report, 2002–2012},
  author={Nicholas D. Cahill and Crawford Hallock Greenewalt},
  journal={American Journal of Archaeology},
473 Excavations in the Sanctuary of Artemis between 2002 and 2012 clarified problems of chronology and reconstruction. Evidence for occupation of this area in the Lydian period was ambiguous: pottery suggests that there was activity here, but no deposits were found. Surviving monuments from the Persian period include a calcareous tufa altar (LA 1) and a roughly square sandstone “basis.” In the Hellenistic period, a new temple was laid out with the sandstone basis in the center of its cella… Expand
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Adorning and Protecting
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