The Sample Analysis at Mars Investigation and Instrument Suite

  title={The Sample Analysis at Mars Investigation and Instrument Suite},
  author={P. Mahaffy and C. Webster and M. Caban{\'e} and P. G. Conrad and P. Coll and S. Atreya and R. Arvey and Michael Barciniak and M. Benna and L. Bleacher and W. Brinckerhoff and J. Eigenbrode and Daniel Carignan and Mark Cascia and R. Chalmers and J. P. Dworkin and T. Errigo and P. Everson and H. Franz and R. Farley and Steven Feng and Gregory V. Frazier and C. Freissinet and D. Glavin and D. N. Harpold and D. Hawk and V. Holmes and C. S. Johnson and Andrea Jones and P. Jordan and J. Kellogg and Jesse Lewis and Eric Lyness and C. Malespin and D. Martin and J. Maurer and A. McAdam and Douglas McLennan and T. Nolan and M. Noriega and A. Pavlov and B. Prats and E. Raaen and O. Sheinman and D. Sheppard and James Smith and J. Stern and F. Tan and M. Trainer and D. Ming and R. Morris and J. Jones and Cindy Gundersen and A. Steele and J. Wray and O. Botta and L. A. Leshin and T. Owen and S. Battel and B. Jakosky and H. Manning and S. Squyres and R. Navarro-Gonz{\'a}lez and C. P. McKay and F. Raulin and R. Sternberg and A. Buch and P. S{\o}rensen and R. Kline-Schoder and D. Coscia and C. Szopa and S. Teinturier and Curt Baffes and J. Feldman and G. Flesch and S. Forouhar and Ray K. Garcia and D. Keymeulen and S. Woodward and B. Block and K. Arnett and R. Miller and Charles Edmonson and S. Gorevan and E. Mumm},
  journal={Space Science Reviews},
  • P. Mahaffy, C. Webster, +82 authors E. Mumm
  • Published 2012
  • Environmental Science
  • Space Science Reviews
  • The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) investigation of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) addresses the chemical and isotopic composition of the atmosphere and volatiles extracted from solid samples. The SAM investigation is designed to contribute substantially to the mission goal of quantitatively assessing the habitability of Mars as an essential step in the search for past or present life on Mars. SAM is a 40 kg instrument suite located in the interior of MSL’s Curiosity rover. The SAM… CONTINUE READING
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