The Sadistic Murderer

  title={The Sadistic Murderer},
  author={Robert P. Brittain},
  journal={Medicine, Science and the Law},
  pages={198 - 207}
  • R. Brittain
  • Published 1 October 1970
  • Medicine
  • Medicine, Science and the Law
T H E forensic psychiatrist is sometimes asked by the police whether he can describe the type of person they should be looking for when a major crime has been committed. What can be done in this field remains limited and this must be said clearly at the outset. The question frequently arises in cases of murder and in particular the sexual murder. It seemed therefore of value to attempt to draw such a profile in the specific case of sadistic murderers. The more precise the description which can… 
Confidentiality and a ‘Future’ Sadistic Sex Offender
The features of the following case report coincide closely with the descriptions given in these papers and also with that of Revitch (1965), however, there is one important distinction: the case requested help voluntarily and had no convictions for sexual offences.
The psychological characteristics of sexual murderers
This thesis explores the offence of sexual homicide in psychiatric and non-psychiatric forensic populations using a variety of methods. Overall, this thesis reports a number of findings that are
Necrophilia: A Study of the Psychoanalysis in the Characteristics of the Offenders Who Sexually Molest the Dead
Deviance, then may be considered one of the facts of social life. Almost all people, one may be sure, can recall some act of deviance from their own experience, they have committed either knowingly
Mental Disorder, Criminality and the Literary Imagination
This contribution attempts to explore the use of a variety of literary sources as aids or ‘prompts’ to understanding those offenders and offender‐patients whose mental states often raise considerable
The Potential Sex Murderer: Ominous Signs, Risk Assessment
Ten ominous signs frequently found in the backgrounds of individuals who have committed a sexual homicide should serve as red flags for a potential offender.
Serial Murder: A Forensic Psychiatric Perspective
W hen law enforcement apprehends a serial murderer, the event is consistently the focus of unswerving media coverage. For local communities, the ordeal can be particularly shocking and upsetting.
Is Investigative Awareness a Distinctive Feature of Sexual Sadism?
Results from logistic regression analyses show that sadistic SHOs are more likely to use various precautions to avoid detection and select a deserted location, in comparison with nonsadistic offenders.
A behavioral view of rape.
In our consideration of rapists we will use the term “rapist” to describe men who have sexually assaulted nonconsenting adult females. This will include, therefore, not just those men who have forced
Rape: Sex crime, act of violence, or naturalistic adaptation?☆
Abstract Rape distorts one of the most intimate forms of human interaction. Those who rape do so for a number of reasons, but they basically involve the motives of anger, power, eroticized cruelty,
Sexual sadism: avoiding its misuse in sexually violent predator evaluations.
  • A. Frances, R. Wollert
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law
  • 2012
A brief review of the research on sexual sadism; an annotation of its definitions that have been included in the DSM since the Third Edition, published in 1980, and in the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Edition (ICD-10); and a two-step process for making a diagnostic decision are presented.


The Sexual Asphyxias," in GradwohVs Legal Medicine, 2nd ed
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